In '84 Jorn Haase won the World Championship title in Formula K.
After 18 years of racing at top level, in '91 he started manufacturing racing chassis, immediately catching the attention of the international karting world.

In '93 he won the Manufacturers World Championship title in the top class - Formula Super A - entering the karting history as being the first driver to win two titles, one as a driver and the second one as a manufacturer.
In '94 new drivers were engaged, but the results stayed unchanged and the new-born Haase took its second World Title.

The long racing experience, the ability, the passion, the professional skill, the continuous technical research and innovation and the most severe quality control made the company grow quickly and, year after year, important wins were obtained all over the world.

In '95, a new department to manufacture karting engines is created and this leads to a turning point at Haase: new and substantial investments are made in new technology and machinery, skilled personnel and modern premises that better suit the new requirements, but always keeping a careful eye not to alter the reality of the company: a small bright jewel among karting giants!


CHASSIS Size in cm.
MINIKART 77,5 83,5 80 76
JUNIOR 68 71 max. min.
MONTECARLO 84 97 87 87
SPIRIT KF-TAG 96 97,5 98 87
IKON KF-TAG 96 97,5 98 87
IKON KZ-4T 96 97,5 98 87
MISTRAL KF-TAG 96 97,5 98 87
MISTRAL KZ-4T 96 97,5 98 87
NIVOLA KF-TAG 96 97,5 98 87
NIVOLA KZ-4T 96 97,5 98 87
EDOX 11-14-15 96 97,5 98 87

In rain conditions, we suggest to increase the caster degrees (by using the stub axle eccentric bush on old models).


CHASSIS Size in cm.
MINIKART 52 53 23 0,5
JUNIOR 55,5 56 25 0,5
MONTECARLO 58 58 22,5 0,5
SPIRIT KF-TAG 60 60,5 20,5 0,5
IKON KF-TAG 60 60,5 20,5 0,5
IKON KZ-4T 62 62,5 19,5 0,5
MISTRAL KF-TAG 60 60,5 20,5 0,5
MISTRAL KZ-4T 62 62,5 19,5 0,5
NIVOLA KF-TAG 58 58,5 21 0,5
NIVOLA KZ-4T 61 61,5 21 0,5
EDOX 11-14-15 63 63,5 19,5 0,5


Our continuous testing and research has led us to develop new rear axles which are giving excellent results.
In order to help our customers to better understand the types we presently have, here below please find a list and a short description of the same:

Type F = suitable to solve understeering problems. Harder than the standard type, but very flexible and elastic. Suitable with a lot of rubber on the track and hot conditions. (HRA 55°).

Type C = harder than type F. It gives more grip to the rear. (HRA 62°)

Standard type N = soft type, This is the axle we usually mount on the kart as standard. Good with a little rubber on the track. (HRA 57°).

Type S = softer axle of the range. Suitable when there is a lot of grip on the track and/or when the chassis needs to be very free at the rear (with low-power engine, etc.).

Type F, C and N axles are only available for Ø 40 and Ø 50mm.